Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome to The Nerd Bench

Not my Nerd Bench but... 

The purpose of this blog is actually a result of a question presented by a group of my students at the end of class (I am a networking instructor). The question was...what exactly is a Nerd Bench

Well, I really am not sure what a Nerd Bench "is" as this term was actually coined by my  fourteen year old daughter! I will assume that from my daughter's perspective that she was attempting to identify a positive term that would adequately describe the utter chaos (I would prefer use the term collection) of electronic parts, abundant wires, and array test equipment which occupy a 14 square foot area that I refer to as my bench.

So as time permits over the next weeks I will attempt to describe what equipment, items, parts and tools that a true nerd will need to acquire to proudly refer to their bench as being Nerd Bench Certified

So to get a jump start on your journey don't go to the bar this week-end and save a few dollars to go out and purchase a ESD mat with wrist strap; this is the first item you will need to acquire for your future Nerd Bench!

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