Where do I start...I was one of the instructors who "disliked" this technology and I didn't personally believe that our students would benefit from using this technology...boy was I wrong!  

I would strongly encourage anyone who has an interest in IT to download a free copy of the vSphere Hypervisor ESXi product. All you need to do to obtain a free copy of ESXi is to register at this website; once you complete the registration process you will be sent an e-mail which will provide the download links.

Here is what I versions of ESXi I would suggest downloading and installing:

Use version 3.5 if: you are using older 32-bit hardware (ex: Dell PowerEdge 2650)
Use version 4.X if: you own newer 64-bit hardware (ex: Dell PowerEdge 2950)
Use version 5.0 if: you want to run the newer Microsoft Windows 8 series products (requires 64-bit hardware)

Here is a website which outlines the various differences between the vSphere Products.

If you wish to build your own system here is a few things to look for in a motherboard:
  • CPU which supports VT Technology
  • Motherboard with a BIOS which supports VT Technology
  • Intel-based network interface adapter
  • Storage adapter based on LSI 1068 SAS/SATA 
Here is a website which you can consult to see if your hardware is supported.

If anyone knows of a good HCL List (not VMware's) shoot me an e-mail please!

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  1. Then get a 2nd NIC card to really have some fun!
    Well, at least Mr.Nerd says so anyway.